• Diana Mastracci

Building a #digitalecosystem for the Planet

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

I am pleased to have been invited to collaborate on mapping the 20 top priorities in 2020 for building a #digitalecosystem for the planet led by David Jensen, Head of the Environmental Peacebuilding Programme at UN Environment.

The current movement towards open data and big data raises some fundamental questions about Indigenous data ownership, representation and control. As the data revolution accelerates, Indigenous groups around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about poor data practices and Indigenous data misuse. To build a #digitalecosystem of the planet, it will be of paramount importance to engage with Indigenous Peoples and to incorporate Indigenous Data Sovereignty in data policies.

I invite you to read the article and join the conversation! Remember this is an initial mapping, we need your input to improve it. Thank you! You can read the article here.

#digitalecosystem #climatechange #indigenousdata #AI #indigenousdatagovernance #collectiveintelligence

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