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Indigenizing Education for Climate Action

Strategies, Case Studies and Testimonies

This book provides both practical tools and applicable theories, as well as personal reflections on the topic of #Indigenizing education broadly as well as methods for engaging youth in climate action projects. Additionally, this book aims to challenge deficit-mindsets that the educational and scientific communities often hold of indigenous and other minoritized groups.


We argue for holistic approaches to science education and new Indigenous methodologies for incorporating cutting-edge space technologies with local traditional knowledges to solve some of the most pressing socio-environmental challenges humanity faces.

"Indigenizing Education for Climate Action: Strategies, Case Studies, and Testimonies" is a #Space4Innovation edited book project in collaboration with #GEOIndigenousAlliance, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon & the #Namunyak Community Conservation. 

We believe in providing access to this book for all audiences, so it will be published for free under a Creative Commons license in Spring 2023. 

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