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From Indigenous Hackathon to Empowerment: Namunyak App paves the Way for Climate Action

The #NamunyakApp has been developed by a team of international young professionals for the Samburu tribe in north-central Kenya as part of the Indigenous Hack4COVID event organized by Space4Innovation. This event brought together Indigenous communities, technology experts, and other stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Namunyak app was one of the winning solutions of the #IndigenousHackathon, and it will help the Samburu community map and document their land, conduct land use planning, manage local resources sustainably, and reduce conflicts over resources such as water and grazing land. In addition, the Namunyak App will empower the Samburu tribe and improve communication between community members, park rangers, and policy makers. Read Diana Mastracci's full interview with the Namunyak App team on the GEO Secretariat blog here.



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