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KTN Report Highlights Innovative Climate Solutions from Space4Innovation & GEO Indigenous Alliance

Diana Mastracci and James Rattling Leaf Sr. (Rosebud Sioux tribe) of Space4Innovation and the GEO Indigenous Alliance shared their insights on Indigenous Peoples' role in climate action in the Innovate UK KTN report on Meeting Net Zero with the Power of Place.

The report was part of the Space and Geospatial Virtual Pavilion for COP26, showcasing the importance of geospatial data and enabling technologies in achieving climate change goals. Diana and James presented the innovative concept of Indigenous Nature-Based Solutions (INbS), grounded in indigenous cultural values, that recognizes the critical role of indigenous peoples in protecting biodiversity.

The success of Indigenous lands in preserving carbon-sequestering forests highlights the importance of strengthening their rights to ensure they are equal partners in policy development. The INbS concept seeks to promote sustainable development and protect our planet for future generations by recognizing Indigenous Peoples' unique knowledge and insights. Their contributions to the report represent an important step forward in recognizing Indigenous Peoples' role in climate action and promoting sustainable and equitable development. You can read the full report here.


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