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Supporting the Visibilidade team

In the midst of #COVID-19 the members of the Visibilidade team, winners of the GEO INDIGENOUS HACK4COVID: Douglas Mbura and Rasha Elnimeiry, MPH, MAS, CPH, have been coding non-stop to serve the #Quilombola community in #Brazil with passion, dedication and a long-term vision for systematic action.

Underrepresented communities in Brazil often lack basic infrastructure such as running water and access to social benefits. The pandemic is exposing these cracks in public policies. The #Visibilidade (visibility) app will give due visibility to #IndigenousPeoples & underrepresented communities worldwide by allowing them to create their own maps and share their own data, without the hassle of traditional map-making.

I am proud to be supporting this team of exceptional change makers and I invite you to watch and share their video pitch for the HOT community micro-grant, to give them the visibility they deserve. If you are inspired by their story and would like to support them in scaling up their impact, please get in touch. A big thank you to all the mentors and sponsors.


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