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The GEO Indigenous Water Summit 2023: Harnessing Indigenous Wisdom and Earth Observation Innovations

The GEO Indigenous Alliance is pleased to announce the GEO Indigenous Water Summit 2023, to be held online from 25-27 October 2023. Building on the tremendous success of the GEO Indigenous Summit 2020, which brought together Indigenous leaders, NGOs, Indigenous youth, academics and UN institutes to discuss Indigenous-led innovations in Earth observations, this year's Summit aims to deepen the exploration of water conservation and sustainability. In line with the United Nations' Declaration of 2023 as the Year of Water, the Summit will provide a platform to showcase Indigenous Earth observation innovations that address water issues and highlight the role of Indigenous knowledge in building a sustainable future.

When: October 25-27

Where: Online

Themes and Topics:

  • Indigenous Earth Observation Innovations for Water: Showcasing the latest advancements in Earth observation technologies, satellite data, and Indigenous-led research to address water-related challenges and promote sustainability.

  • Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Future: Exploring the role of Indigenous knowledge in building a resilient society and achieving sustainable development goals, particularly in the context of water conservation and management.

  • Public and Private Sector Initiatives: Investigating the evolving relationship between Indigenous communities and the business sector, identifying opportunities for collaboration, and highlighting the economic benefits of Indigenous-led Earth observation initiatives.

  • Climate Change and Water: Understanding the impact of climate change on water resources and exploring Indigenous perspectives, adaptations, and resilience strategies.

  • Indigenous Science and Society: Examining the integration of Indigenous science and traditional knowledge with Earth observation data and technologies, and their significance in informing policy and decision-making processes.

  • "GAIA4All Indigenous Hackathon for Early Warning Systems”: Building capacity within Indigenous youth and local communities, empowering them to develop their own Earth observation-based solutions towards water challenges.

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