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At Space4Innovation, we're committed to leveraging the power of space technology to create positive change and build a better future for all.


Our services are designed to be inclusive, collaborative, and community-driven. We believe that by working together, we can achieve our shared vision of a world where space technology is accessible and equitable to all.

Space Data Democratization:

We specialize in making space data accessible and understandable for all. From satellite imagery to weather and in situ data, we work with clients to harness the power of space technology and use it to inform policy decisions and drive positive change.


Community Software Co-Creation:

We believe that communities are experts in their own needs and should be involved in the co-creation of software solutions. Our team works with communities to identify their unique challenges and collaboratively design software solutions based on space technology to address them. Our solutions are designed to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and promote equitable access to space technology.


Space Policy Consulting:

We work closely with policy makers, local communities and scientists to develop policies that promote equitable access to space technology and drive positive change. From advocating for space technology as a tool for climate action to promoting international cooperation on space-related initiatives, we're committed to shaping the future of space policy.


Indigenous Consultation and Engagement:

We recognize the leadership of Indigenous Peoples in climate action and beyond. We work closely with Indigenous communities worldwide to develop culturally relevant and effective solutions, ensuring that their perspectives are always included in space-related initiatives. Our cultural sensitivity training promotes mutual understanding and respect between different worlds, bridging the gap between space and Indigenous communities.


Capacity Building:

We provide training and education programs to empower the next generation of space professionals. From creating space-related educational programs to promoting youth participation in space-related initiatives, we're dedicated to empowering the leaders of tomorrow.


Indigenous Hackathons:

Since 2012, we've been at the forefront of empowering Indigenous and underrepresented communities through our one-of-a-kind "Indigenous Hackathon" program. Working with hundreds of Indigenous youth, scientists, and people from all over the world, we've successfully hosted these hackathons worldwide. Our approach is unique and effective, promoting co-creation of space-based solutions that align with the needs of communities. By fostering creativity, innovation, cultural diversity and harnessing the power of space we are enabling communities to take charge of their own development and create solutions that truly resonate with their cultural values. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that these solutions are not only culturally relevant but also promote sustainable development. 


Space Innovation Labs:

Our innovation labs are designed to bring together diverse teams to collaborate on space-related projects. Our labs foster creativity, innovation, and new solutions to the challenges facing the space sector.

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