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Space4Innovation's Role at #EuroSpaceHubForum: Focusing on Future Space Collaboration & Innovation

We're excited to share that Space4Innovation has been invited to join the panel of experts at the upcoming #EuroSpaceHubForum in Ibiza 3-5 of May 2023. This event serves as a crucial platform to explore the digital transformation of innovation ecosystems within the space and aviation sectors, paving the way for enhanced collaboration and performance.

The #EuroSpaceHubForum offers a unique platform for professionals, enthusiasts, and thought leaders to convene, engaging in meaningful conversations that could potentially shape the direction of the #space sector. We're honored to contribute to this event, sharing insights that have the potential to reshape our approach to space-related innovation.

One of the main highlights of our involvement is the panel discussion, scheduled on the 4th of May from 11:00 AM to 12:30 AM (CEST). The core theme, "How to Digitalize an Innovation Ecosystem to Increase Collaboration and Performance for Space and Aviation ecosystem EuroSpaceHub", resonates deeply with our mission.

Our panel aims to explore various facets of collaborative space research and innovation, including:

  • Envisioning Tomorrow's Innovation Ecosystems: A look into the future landscape of innovation ecosystems in Europe's space sector, foreseeing opportunities and challenges.

  • Driving Innovation Adoption and Cross-Ecosystem Collaboration: Exploring the imperative role of increased innovation adoption and collaboration across diverse ecosystems.

  • Navigating Challenges in Space and Aviation Innovation Ecosystems: An examination of the obstacles and complexities encountered in nurturing innovation ecosystems.

  • Advantages of Digitalizing Ecosystems and Knowledge Sharing: Unpacking the benefits and possibilities brought forth by the digitalization of innovation ecosystems and knowledge exchange.

By delving into these crucial topics, our goal is to foster enhanced collaboration and tangible progress within the space sector.

Beyond the panel, the #EuroSpaceHubForum provides an invaluable networking opportunity, allowing us to connect with fellow space enthusiasts, visionary thinkers, and policy influencers who share our dedication to advancing innovation in this field.

Stay connected with us through our social media channels as we share updates and highlights from the event. Join us in this endeavor to shape the future landscape of space innovation at the #EuroSpaceHubForum.


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